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Self Reliance

Self-reliance or self-sufficiency is the dream of every thinking person. Just as when humans live as a society, they depend on each other and cooperate, so nations usually move forward in mutual dependence and cooperation. However, each nation has its own positions and international ambitions.

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A cultured society is considered by the world to be the people who maintain certain noble values ​​of life. That is, such values ​​shape culture. The culture thus formed should be passed on from generation to generation. Only then can it be said that that culture exists. If not transferred like that, the culture will be just a part of history.

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India has a long history in healthcare. Indian culture is one of those rare cultures that have scientifically approached health and taken care of it creatively.

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Apath Seva

Our disaster services range from disaster preparedness to rehabilitation. Backed by a strong team of trained volunteers, we are ready to work effectively at the forefront of any disaster.

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The way of life of social service is a great dharma embedded in the history of India. "Paropakara Punyaya papaya parapeedanam, paropakarartham idam shariram, atmano mokshartham jagadhitaya cha" and such elixir words are proof of it. But the methods of the act of altruism began to change with time. It evolved from food donation to clothing donation, to God donation, and then to land donation. Emperor Sibi who donated his body and Mahabali who donated his empire are part of that culture.

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Bapu's ideals of selfless service are reflected in the way of Sevabharathi workers, who are serving the nation tirelessly.

Shri. Narendra Modi,
Hon. Prime Minister, India
Shri. Narendra Modi ji

Thank you for your contributions during our Month of Action to get our friends, neighbors, and loved ones vaccinated and protected against the deadly coronavirus.

We need your continued support more than ever. Your efforts are not just saving lives, they are helping us get our lives back.

Mr. Joe Biden,
Hon. President, United States
Mr. Joe Biden

Without seeking anything, God is doing everything for us.

This is the Seva in real sense, and Sevabharathi has been doing this for years...

HH. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I just want to Congratulate Sevabharathi organization for doing such amazing works, just want to say that do it with all your heart, with absolute pure intent.

Helping another life and helping another soul is the biggest work you can do. So I wish you all the best, safety and health as well.

Mr. Virat Kohli,
Former Captain, Indian Cricket Team
Shri. Virat Kohli

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