About Us


Deseeya Seva Bharati Kerala is a voluntary organization committed to preserving the unity, uprightness and self-sufficiency of the nation. Seva Bharati has been active in all areas of social progress with the mission of serving the marginalized sections of society including the economically and socially weaker segment and the tribal community and uplift them. Social activist Balasaheb Devares addressed a gathering of Swayamsevaks at Delhi's Ambedkar Stadium in 1978 and called for them to work for the welfare of these marginalized sections. His appeal to raise the self-esteem of the weaker sections of the society was accepted by the society. That historic speech inspired the emergence of Seva Bharati in Thiruvananthapuram in 1982. Later, when the Rashtriya Sevabharati came into existence at the national level, the Kerala unit functioned as the Deseeya Sevabharati. Our parent organization has an active presence across the country serving more than 157,000 people in 602 districts.

Seva Bharati's services are made available to the underprivileged to avail them the benefits of various schemes of the government and government agencies to address the neglected needs of the underprivileged. By coordinating such NGOs, Deseeya Sevabharati Kerala is now a parent organization of NGOs. Through this decentralized practical approach, the needs of the lower strata of the society can be identified timely and they can be helped effectively. Now Seva Bharati is growing rapidly with 1046 active units in 906 Local Government Areas of Kerala. More than one lakh trained volunteers engaged in social welfare activities also adds to the stability of Sevabharathi for its service activities in Kerala. 

"Shatahasta Samahara Sahasrahasta Sankira, Kritasya karyaasyasya cheha sfatim samavaha"

May God, who pours out with a thousand hands what is gathered by a hundred hands, grant us growth through our deeds done and to be done.' Atharvaveda 3-24-5) is our mantra. 

Our initiative to plant one million trees was inaugurated on World Environment Day 2021 by Hon'ble Governor of Kerala Shri Arif Muhammad Khan, which received wide public participation and public acceptance. Another occasion when Seva Bharati activists were felicitated for their selfless and fearless bravery in adverse weather conditions in the face of a highly dangerous disaster was the 2020 landslide in Pettimudi that claimed 80 lives. A line of volunteers was prepared there, from disaster relief operations to consoling those who were demoralized by the impact of the disaster. Seva Bharati was also in the forefront of the 2020 Covid fight. Seva Bharati's services include help desks, observation centers, telemedicine, counselling, drug distribution, immunization, sanitation, ambulance, cremation and oxygen-ventilators. Sewa Bharati has also constructed houses for more than 1,000 families through the “Thalachaykkanoridam” project, including land for the landless.  Even today, this project continues unabated. 

Our organizational structure consists of eminent personalities, thinkers, professionals, trained and dedicated activists from all walks of life. Together we are agents of positive change, serving for the protection of humanity without discrimination on the basis of wealth, caste and creed. Better education for the neglected, assistance to women and weaker sections, health care, environmental protection programs, skill development of youth and disaster relief services are the activities now taking place at the grassroots level of the society.