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Sevabharathi Activities - Aapadh Seva

Disaster, Accident, Pandemic !! the most critical hours of mankind..

Aapad seva - the disaster management force will be there to face any kind of situation.. 

Society is our Madhav- to serve them is our duty..

The most sought after services by society, 65000 men and 20000 women volunteers are ready to serve which won wide acclaim during the last fierce Kerala floods. Volunteers saved nearly 85000 life by daring acts of saving people. 1000’s of vehicle plied with foods clothes and medicine to serve the needy

Rescue and Disaster (0)

Daring and heroic rescue operations was done by Sevabharathi volunteers in Pettimudi, Rajamala, Idukki, district. Sevabharathi volunteers joined Police and Fire service personnel and workers from a nearby estate. Apart from that Deseeya Sevabharathi deployed 50-60 volunteers every day to contribute their maximum in the rescue and relief operations. Volunteers are mainly encaged recovering dead bodies from mud and building...

Pettimudi - landslide rescue (0)

2020 August 6 night, Pettimudi, the place where mostly plantation workers was dwelling saw landslide because of continuous rain. Heavy boulders and mud swept away poor Dalit plantation workers hamlet killing nearly 80 labourer families. Sevabharathi volunteers were the first voluntary organization to reach the spot even if tried by officials citing they are untrained volunteers, but the great will...

Landslide rescue activities Pettimudi (0)

  Nature has many face sometime she is treacherous, Pettimudi, Idukki district got stuck under mud and water due to large scale landslide taking nearly 80 lives on the night of August 6, 2020. The terrain was unreachable, sevavolunteers reached the area with available machineries like iron cutters, pickace,rope,jeep before Government machineries came to the scene. Rescue operation done by sevabharathi...