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Deseeya Sevabharathi Keralam is a Kerala based NGO Organization drawing inspiration from great exhortations “Manaseva, Madhavasena”- serving mankind is equal to serving God. As a NGO organization with thousand’s of ready to serve volunteers has been registered under Societies Act on 2007 Oct 24.

How we serve

We will be represented here as We/Our/ DSB to get recognized in the writeup of beneficiary, Policy, Payments, refund Policy, platform and Terms of Use. DSB acts or works Independently also in association with likeminded NGO organizations, companies, personalities to share our vast profile of volunteers and access we made into society through our services. Keeping in mind the State laws and especially cyber spheres of digital platform we try our best to identify and get consent from beneficiary to use his/her needs get addressed through DSB using transparent ways of transferring cash mostly digitally via bank/if in kind with attendance of local representatives of society.


To use our services the beneficiaries must accept terms and policies set by DSB. The policies may get modified and what has been published in web platform will be relevant to any transactions. The donors who donate for the activities undertaken by DSB has to ascertain the beneficiary’s program via our website platform and any inconsistency from the part of beneficiary won’t be a responsibility of DSB.


DSB identifies a beneficiary/ beneficiaries via local contacts and news reports from media which includes social media. To ascertain facts formal meetings are conducted by local representatives who may be associated with social activities or representing institutions. On finding the beneficiary need/requirement/ urgency which comes under our access and position be it financial or in kind our help team will get authorized to act and transfer the aid. The beneficiary/ beneficiaries must be India law abiding citizens and the benefits received from DSB is not be propagated with other labels or third-parties similar agencies name. The beneficiaries name, phone, address etc will be used by our projects department for a certain period to get audited. The images of beneficiary/beneficiaries will be used in digital platform with their consent only. Rights of beneficiaries who wish to be anonymous and their rights will be protected accordingly.


After identifying a beneficiary/beneficiaries DSB transfer fund to get the activity done be it food for needy, home for homeless, education aid for needy. DSB also associates with non-profits having 12A/80G registration to conduct an activity which has common intentions. DSB also receives funds from registered NGO which works complying Indian legal norms. After the fund is transferred, we have no control over the activities with funds. Misuse of funds will be legally dealt with right authorities under Indian law systems. Also, DSB is not responsible for any dissatisfaction over the funds distributed.


We receive funds from private donors, institutions and members. Private donors are like minded people who wish to donate to DSB projects or campaign which appeals his/her conscience to be a part of the activity/cause and part some amount which can be a at a time payment or monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly payments which is possible with EMI donation schemes designed and published in DSB website. All funds receipts are acknowledged with receipts. All donations transferred has to be by their willingness to part with some of his/her earnings and his/her/institutions financial righteous/wrong back ground before and payments made to us is not a responsibility of DSB. Details of Fraudulent donors’ persons/institutions who are not in compliance with financial laws of India will be dealt with our Jurisdiction place and fraudulent donors’ transactions will be informed to concerned authorities of Govt.


DSB digital platform will not publish any content which may be offensive, propelling feelings of hatred through vicious racism against groups, individuals etc. Content will be of only need and activity based to inform the public about our activities and sufferings of our brethren. Veracity of content is relied on sources of beneficiary/beneficiaries’ location. DSB will not be responsible for the misinformation supplied unknowingly or knowingly by beneficiaries. Complaints regarding website contents can be informed via sevait@sevabharathikeralam.in or via call on 8330083324


DSB digital platform for receiving funds is mainly the payment gateway integrated in website. The donation activity is published to raise funds and the willing donor’s payment is received under the published heads with category and subcategories. If a person unknowingly donates an amount which he not intended or done erroneously the person can send details to sevait@sevabharathikeralam.in via call on 8330083324 with supporting documents and reason. As there is no provision to give back the amount paid to DSB after reading terms and conditions mentioned and receipts also issued as per the agreement. The refund also depends on decision taken by Managing Committee members and type of credit card/banking instrument used for transaction and also to the terms DSB dependency on bank and payment gateway providers transaction policy.


The platform to some extend to receive donations from probable donors and like minded non profits is website https://www.sevabharathikeralam.in . The website is secured with SSL certification and site lock. The site coding has passed all testing done by cyber payment gateway auditors. The donors privacy right is maintained and it will not get published or used for commercial or non-commercial activities. The need or requirement is clearly mentioned in donation pages with help of image, content and location of activity.