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Start Date : 21 Jun, 2020
End Date : 11 Jul, 2020
"The donations made to this organization will qualify for deduction u/s 80G (5) of the income tax Act 1961, in the hands of the donors subject to the limits prescribed therein wide order no AABTD6465D/09/16-17/T-005/80G.

Gramavaibhavam - Kerala going Green - healthy land, pure water, more plants and pure air

Planting 1 crore tree saplings

illustrious project envisaged by Deseeya Sevabharathi for wholesome development of remote places  increasing environmental health and self reliant villagers. Great movement involving private and public service sectors, nearly 1 lakhs households. Kerala Governor His Excellency Mr Arif Muhammed Khan inaugurated this project and it will be a continous project. 

World is very much concerned of environmental degradation and climate changes.  Here our Rishis are well aware of the 'Prakrithi' and envisaged a life of Panchayajna daily that is feeding Animals and all living beings -Bhoothayajna, serving ancestors or Pithruyajna, serving higher ecclestial manifestations - Devayajna, serving fellow humans - Manushya Yajna and lastly learning Knowledge that is Brahmayajna.


Gramavaibhavam is for self sustained Grama or local village where the common folks have enough foods to eat, adequate health services, primary and higher education with civic sense, self help units to sustain earning members to stick to thier own villages thus curtailing urban migration. Most importantantly we are loosing the cultural values, waters sources and enviromental consciousness which we have to regain at any cost. Sevabharathi volunteer works is equal to a warrior in war- he is a higly spirited selfless person with high thinking with Nationalist leanings.

 Gramavaibhavam ultimate aim is to provide hygienic drinking water, organically nurtured vegetables and grains food which is a dream for all. Plastic waste menance is making this planet day by day unconfortable which has to processed and recycled to maintain the eco system healthy for that Sevbharathi has wellbound plans which will become a life saving activity in future.

  Great souls can help Sevabharathi for her efforts by donating, associating and giving all supports needed. 

With folded hands we pray all to cooperate with us to make Ma Bharathi Sakthishali.....

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