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Who we are

 Sevabharathi already built thousands of homes for homeless poor and main flood affected people. Representing every Panchayats - Sevabharathi has got largest blood donors members  and lakhs of activities covering Health, Education, Social, self-reliance and disaster/rescue management services.  Desseeya Sevabharathi is the Kerala wing of Rashtriya Sevabharathi. Sevabharathi has executed social welfare schemes with  association and assistance from business  like Infosys, Kotak Mahindra, SBI and charity orgainsation like Sewa International, USA.
EDUCATION - The most powerful weapon against Poverty and Social Discrimination
Sevabharathi Volunteers are trained and working amony the Poor sections  in the Education and Awarness Program Projects. Even though we are in frontline education, the importance of education will not go for. This will be understood from the studies in weaker sections and aadivasi colonies in Kerala. The current situation of our state is so developed in almost all sectors, but the lifestyle of weaker sections/vanavasi colonies are still underdeveloped. It is realized from the studies from the coastal and forest societies that the importance of education is not least considered in Kerala society because of the fact that the literacy rates in the state is high comparing with other Indian states. Even though the modern society is developed enough to understand about the water content in another universe, the life style and life situation in the backward communities like forest and coastal communities is not much improved. 
Sevabharathi Vidhyadarshan
The sevabharathi Vidhyadarshan program concentrates mainly in integrated education and development of children. At Attappadi of Palakkad district and Wayanad which are mainly for tribal children. Under the project we are giving regular tutions and computer education for the children. Tribal people mostly like to stay in the forest region. Only a few of them have a permanent job at either public or private sector. Educated tribal people ( +2 above) were trained by Sevabharathi and appointed as Gothrasevika and they are the teachers for the respective hamlets for the project. Sevabharathi aims to give quality education for all in the tribal hamlets. 
Sevabharathi Vidhyolsavam
Under this project Sevabharathi is ensuring the education to the economically backward children by giving study materials to them. It is estimated that the value of the material kit as 800 per student. The scheme is very helpful for the parents from the economically backward families at the time of school opening. 
Sevabarathi Vidhyanidhi
Vidhayanidhi is the financial support given to the meritorious students from the economically backward families. The students from kinder garten to Graduation or professional courses or even PhD are included in this scheme.. 
In our current society, health expenditure rose above a limit which even will affect our financial stability. In this scenario, as an organization with utmost social commitment, we can’t stand aloof on the matter. Every year we are giving financial assistance for the people who are suffering with chronic disease from financially backward families. Due to the rise in applications and our limited financial possibilities, we may not be able to address all the applicants. But considering the support less people, Sevabharathi has started an Program Called ArogyaSeva to address all possible section of people. Under this project also, we are considering people with chronic disease. The people who are under treatment for such diseases in private or public super speciality hospitals will be eligible for the scheme. A person from any stage of disease is eligible for the assistance. The assistance is given as one time financial support. The type of disease and the financial condition of the family are the considering factor for the amount of assistance to be given.
Self-Sufficency Initiative
The ultimate aim of any developmental initiative is to create self-sufficiency and financial security in an individual. Through this we can help them to ignite self-pride in them. We are providing financial assistance or loans for the people to start enterprises for the low income groups. 
Interest free loans for Autorikshaw
Financial assistance for women to start tailoring consortium
Fishing boats are distributed on EMI basis.
Interest free loans for livelihood creation.
All these are repayable interest free loans as per availability. Apart from these we were also give training for medicinal plant farming, crafting etc. 
Social empowerment.
To empower the marginalized and down trodden community should be the basic idea of social services. Thus we can uplift them to a better social status and only through such initiatives we can lead our nation to the ultimate glory. With this idea in mind, Sevabharathi has implemented different initiatives to empower the marginalized. 
Mobile Crematorium for Nediyamkod Unit, Sevabharathi Thiruvananthapuram and Ambalapuzha Sevabharathi of Alapuzha District.
Swatchh Seva
Financial assistance for school for Toilet Building. The assistance were given to Venmani L P School Wayanad and Dr Rajendraprasad Memorial School Kattapana were tribal students are studying.
Financial assistance was given to the families, where financial issues prevails for sons/daughters marriages. Sevabarathi views this as a social issue and frame schemes to address this via financial assistance for needy family.
Thalachaykkan Oridam
This scheme is envisaged for the people who don’t have a home. More than thousand houses are built for the beneficiaries under this program since 2013. Through this project an opportunity to have a proud moment to own a house for people from financially weaker section. 
Sevasaathi is meant for the girl students from Tribal and coastal region. Under this scheme cycle will be given to girls students from financially weaker families. Through this it is aimed to grow self-pride in them. 
Flood relief and rescue activities 2018
1. 85000 volunteers 65000 male 20000 female
2. Total 3965 Relief camps (Sevabarathi camps 420)
3. Major Collection centres 3
4. Palakkad, Kazargod and Thiruvananthapuram
5. 350 Boats for rescue activities
6. 2.26 crore rupees had spent and 650 vehicles used. 
7. Cleaning activities: More than two lakh seva activities 27600 houses, 210 worship centers 400 public institutions 15895 wells
8. Rescue activities 75000 life saved
9. Distrubution centers 300
10. 205000 dress materials, 3500 ton food items, medicines, home appliances, cleaning materials. 
11. Ambulances 
12. 75 ambulances used. 
13. 24*7 helpline centres
14. State Helpline at Trissur head office and 14 district main centres
15. Medical camps: 652 camps 345doctors.
In the after flood rehabilitation programs, we give emphasis for housing constructing project under Thalachaykkan Oridam project. In the initial phase, 532 houses are under construction. Sevabharthi plans to build such 1000 houses. The construction is with the help from like-minded individuals and organizations. 
Drinking Water Project
Water water everywhere, but not even a drop to drink, this is the situation of Kuttanad at Alapuzha. Considering this, Sevabharathi has started a mobile RO plant. The RO plant distributes water in five grampanchayath of Kuttanad Thaluk.