Our Focus Areas


Deseeya Sevabharathi Keralam - Over 10000 ready to serve volunteer NGO organisation working as  All India Voluntary Social Service Organization, committed to National unity, Integration and Self Reliance. As of today, Sevabharathi kerala running their projects in the areas Like Education, Health, Agriculture &Environment, Self-reliance, Social Welfare, Disaster Management etc.. The relief work carried out by Sevabharathi in the last three decades,when different parts of the state was ravaged by natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake & tsunami, etc. timely activities by Sevabharathi volunteers had won wide acclaim.

Sevabharthi Volunteers is serving different sectors  of society and environment with 1000’s of dedicated volunteers in every 14 districts of Kerala. Its activities  changed life of lakhs of the needy sections of  civil society.  
   Sevabharathi is volunteering to reach every locality with massive support of volunteers from every local  units which will make Sevabharathi the largest NGO  with over one lacs volunteers.