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Sevabharathi Activities - Education


  Noble initiative by Sevabharathi Keralam- wholesome program to include all Adivasi children to get the blessings of letters-words, knowledge and wisdom. 

We are a land where a letter is called as Äkshara”- non destructible and “Vaag” or word has given the status of – Devi- Goddess itself. Seva Volunteers are trying tirelessly to reach every students especially coming from remote and socially backward communities to have the blessing of Vidya or Education. With the help of generous donors Sevabharathi has donated hundreds of gadgets when the pandemic stuck hapless students attending schools.

   Please join us and sponsor a child to get the blessing the Mother Godess 'Saraswathi'.

Vidyadarshan (0)

Tribals students are neglected most in Kerala, the community is not organized under any banner, so politicians avoid them, no benefits reach them even if Government announce many schemes for them.  Deseeya Sevabharathi Keralam volunteers reached them and served for their needs Tribal Students of Wayanad to nearly daily classes tribals weekly nutrition support  Weekly computer class  Monthly training personal, cultural, educational topics  mothers  Other segments includes Lower...

Society wishes Anjana to become Doctor (0)

  Anjana dreams will materialise through Sevabharathi Volunteers financial services.   Anjana who resided in Chalakkudy Potta Thammanathu  is going to reach professional heights with her determination  and help of Sevabharathi Chalakkudy.  4 years back she lost her beloved father who was the bread winner of her family. Anjana's mother selled fried eatables to sustain her studies and family thereafter. She has scored 95%...