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Strong roof over head for Sri Babu and his ailing wife and disabled sonĀ 

21-01-21 Kozhikode, Palakad, Sevabharathi Palakkad
Moving story of  Sri Babu and family, whose wife is paralysed and son who is differently abled moved kind peoples hearts. Sevabharathi volunteers of Palakkad made it their duty to serve them with a strong home and decent living surroundings.  Srirama Palayam Babu and his wife, Latha Mani who is paralysed with a differently abled son was toiling in the dark rooms of pain and neglect. With the help of society, Seva Volunteers handed over newly constructed home to Sri Babu and family 
Thalachikkanoridam - home for the homeless has benefited nearly thousand of people Kerala wide.