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From ashes to dream home- Story of Sri Madhavan

20-01-21 Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Sevabharathi Thekkekara
Sri Madhavan was a daily wages worker and a resident of Ambedkar Colony in Varenickal, Thekkekkara.  He and his seven-member family including aged mother, wife and children were finding it very difficult to meet both the ends together.  Madhavan is the only earning member of the family and they all lived together in a very small house under lots of hardships.  Adding to their sufferings, they lost their small house and all their humble belongings in a fire incident which occurred due to electrical short circuit.  They do not have even spare clothes to wear now.
 Sevabharathi Thekkekara decided to help Sri Madhavan and family.  We have constructed a temporary shelter for them and we have decided to build a new house for the family.  Initial work towards this has already started and the house shall be constructed within minimum time period.  We are expecting financial help from one and all and we believe that it is the humanitarian duty of all of us to help our fellow humans in such a hard time.