Sevabharathi Donor's Corner

The pandemic will leave a trail of destruction for India’s underprivileged children in its wake and the crisis is far from being over. To ensure that this doesn’t become a child rights crisis in the long term, we’ve created a resilience & recovery plan for underprivileged children that focuses on their health, nutrition, education and safety.

Health & Nutrition

The closure of government mechanisms like primary healthcare centres and the school midday meal scheme has severely affected children’s health. They’re unable to get proper nutrition, timely immunization or proper healthcare and thus, we’ll focus on:

  • Ensuring regular vaccinations to avoid susceptibility to other deadly diseases
  • Providing timely care to lactating and pregnant mothers
  • Addressing malnutrition to reduce infant/child mortality
  • Ensuring awareness around menstrual hygiene


Children are experiencing an unexpected gap in their schooling that has thrown their academic year out of focus. They will struggle with a massive learning deficit and thus, we’ll focus on:

We have Recieved

  • Wheelchair 66
  • Bed 23
  • Chair 55
  • Walking support 87
  • Elbow Crutch 17
  • Walking stick 12
  • Back Belt 10
  • Knee Wrap 8
  • Knee belt 6

We Need...

  • Wheelchair
  • Television
  • Bed
  • Walking support
  • Elbow Crutch
  • Back Belt
  • Walking stick
  • Chair
  • Knee Wrap
  • Knee belt
  • Mobile Phone

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We need... Number I also have...
Wheelchair 16
Television 16
Bed 16
Walking support 16
Elbow Crutch 16
Back Belt 16
Walking stick 16
Chair 16
Knee Wrap 16
Knee belt 16
Mobile Phone 16

Our Focus Areas