Our Focus Areas

Mission Statement

In accordance to great Veda exhortations : 

Shatha Hastha Samaahaara, Sahasra Hasthena Sankira. Krutasya karya asya cheha sfathim samaavah. Atharvaveda 3.24.6

Gather with hundred and donate with thousand hands. By doing so prosperity reaches to you.

Deseeya Sevabharathi Keralam volunteers  mission is to serve, protect the most sacred humanity without discrimination of caste, creed and religion.   We extends educational help to under privilaged students, take up rescue activities in case of calamity or any accidents and help the injured and sick.  Arrange safe stays and wellbeing of orphans, aged mothers and senior citizens. Spread  health and cleanliness awareness and preserve living beings and environment with selfless attitude and motivation. 

Sevabharathi has taken the initiative to plant 10 lakh tree saplings on the World Environment Day which was inaugurated by His Excellency Arif Muhammed Khan, the Governor of Kerala. 

   As a registered NGO from 2007 and as unofficial entity we are serving the needy from 1982 with lakhs of blood donation, volunteering activities conducting serving food to the needy,  medical camps and rescue activities during  tsunami, Okhi, floods and defending spread of pandemics like Corona.