Our Focus Areas


A Significant move is the need of hour for our society to be self-reliant when the pandemic showed us the need of a self-reliant family and society. Dependency to other country or other states for job and food and all essentials and a break in the flow of services creating havoc in society has made experts and laymen to think to use his small piece of land to cultivate some vegetables and young generation to associate with a local income generation methods.

 Things like ear bud’s also coming from China must change and our youngster totally moving out for other countries and states also need to be addressed. So Seva Volunteers is supporting with idea and direction to self-help groups to stand on its own.

   Sevabharathi has identified local peoples who are not stable in income but interested to have a income through hard work and local connections.  PM Narendra Modi’s latest exhortation to  ‘vocal to local’ has aroused public interest for self-reliant mind set rather than everything foreign is better.

Our Present scenario

 Swayam Sahayaka Sanghom       7300

( Self-help groups)


Tailoring Units                                 52

Gothra Sevika                                  60


Panchagavya Production              14

Goshala                                          180

Gramin Samridhi Store

( Super Market)                             40

Dairy Unit                                         1

Organic farming                               1

Pappad Production                       15

Hotel & Catering Unit                     4

Fish farming                                    25

Hony bee farming                            4

Small scale units                             35